Kate Weare Company : Board of Directors

John Goldman, Treasurer

In October of 2008, right after the Lehman Brothers collapse, Halstead Property had the foresight and courage to establish a Commercial Division, its first entry into the field of Commercial Brokerage, in order to round out, expand and enhance its premier position.

Halstead enlisted the guidance of John D. Goldman to lead the division since its inception. A seasoned professional with over 40 years in the real estate business, Mr. Goldman began his career as an attorney, and then went on to build a substantial portfolio of properties as an owner, a manager, and eventually as a developer of properties for his own account. In recent years he has taken on the role of broker and officer of several prominent brokerage houses in Manhattan.

As Halstead’s Managing Director of the Commercial Division, Mr. Goldman has assembled a well rounded team of experienced and ambitious brokers, from those with decades of experience like himself, to those with youthful enthusiasm and a fresh perspective. The team works together with the common vision of putting the customer’s needs first, and always with a dedication to the Halstead tradition of service with integrity.

Board of Directors

  • David Stein, President
  • John Goldman, Treasurer
  • Keira Chang, Secretary & Executive Director
  • Kate Weare, Artistic Director
  • Karen Brumer
  • Kurt Perschke
  • Advisory Board

  • Jeanne Collins
  • John Elderfield
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