Kate Weare Company : Up for Air (Decameron)

Up for Air (Decameron), TBD

Kate Weare joins ODC choreographers, Brenda Way, KT Nelson, and Kimi Okada in the creation of this collaborative work, performed by dancers from both the San Francisco-based ODC and Kate Weare Company. It features a range of contemporary sound and live vocal and instrumental music by Lisa Berman of the Crooked Jades.

Up for Air (Decameron) is loosely inspired by The Decameron, a novel by 14th-century Italian author Giovanni Boccaccio, in which ten young aristocrats flee plague-devastated Florence (where an estimated 60% of the population will perish from the black death) to find refuge in a nearby villa. During their retreat the women and men pass time by telling each other stories on specific themes every day. The collection of 100 tales constitutes The Decameron, written between 1348 and 1352. With multiple narrators, The Decameron provides the perfect framework for weaving together 4 distinct choreographic voices and juxtaposing pithy vignettes about human interaction.

Combining 3 dancers from KWCo with 7 dancers from ODC, Kate, Brenda, KT and Kimi have embarked on a whirlwind exchange of stories, choreographic material and working methods. Springing from collaboration, this work constitutes a wandering into the imagination. construct a playground of serendipity and story-telling, entering the dream about the desire to love each other, tenderly, messily and truly.

Runtime: 60 minutes
Choreography: Kate Weare, Brenda Way, KT Nelson, Kimi Okada
Music: Lisa Berman
Lighting Design: Jim French
Set Design: Jim French
Costume Design: Kyo Yohena and choreographers