Kate Weare Company : Lay Me Down Safe

Lay Me Down Safe, 2011

Lay Me Down Safe is a tender foray into our human inexperience at reckoning with desire and loss. A nuanced dance built for Scottish Dance Theatre?s company members, Lay Me Down Safe collides our desire to stay connected even if it hurts against our need to let go. Drawing on the individuality of each dancer and offering up a sensuous and arresting movement language, Lay Me Down Safe explores whether desire - the experience we follow like a moth to light - ultimately keeps us safe from harm, or places us right in its path. Lay Me Down Safe features extraordinary design elements from designer Katherina Radeva and lighting designer Jon Clark.

Runtime: 32 minutes
Choreography: Kate Weare
Music: "Will" / Two Point Discrimination by Goldmund
"Shadow" by Goldmund
"Anomolie Loop" by Goldmund*
"Mechanical Doves" by Katie Down
"La lumiere na pas de bras pour nous porter" by Gerard Pesson
"Too Drunk to F**k" by Nouvelle Vague
"Orphée's Bedroom" by The Orphee Suite for Solo Piano by Philip Glass from The Orange Mountain Music Philip Glass Sampler Vol. I
"Sisters of Mercy" by Leonard Cohen
Lighting Design: Jon Clark
Costume Design: Katherina Radeva